Thursday, 7 September 2017

First Student Council Meeting of the year!

Here are the notes I took for student council meeting no.1:

On the first student council ,meeting this year Jessica, our student council president presented the rules and expectations to everyone in the student council (Grade 3-9).

We discussed some basic rules, here are some of them:
-Do not speak or interrupt while another person is talking.
-You must attend to every student council meeting (exceptions for difficult circumstances)
-Be open minded to others ideas and suggestions to the school unless they are unrealistic.
-Explain to your class every few weeks what the student council is doing for the time.

We agreed that the student council from every grade will ask our classes for the student council to discuss. We also agreed to ask our classes for a volounteer to be treasurer in the student council.

We talked about the haloween party which is coming up soon. Last year the haloween party was very popular for the juniors, but the senior party wasn't very popular. We discussed on how we could make it more popular for the seniors. Every student council member agreed to tell the class about the halloween party to make it more popular.

Last, we made our a decesion for our weekly student council meetings to be on Monday's.

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