Monday, 23 January 2017

20th January 2017

Today we talked more about the up-coming assembly by the student council members.

We have decided that we will start off with an introduction about the members followed by the things we have talked about in the meeting such as; having the music back on the big breaks and idea’s for (de unges kommunestyre), which school has the best idea that the people in (de unges kommunestyre) can spend money on what Asker needs to make it a better place and what we should spend the money we have, like school books or school supplies.

We have also sold the t-shirts we had and that we might have a bake sale in the future.

13th January 2017

      Today’s topic:
  • De unges kommunestyre
  • Assembly

This is our second meeting in 2017 hope you guys had a great weekend :)

Today we had Miss Karoline coming in to our meeting and talking about (de unges kommunestyre) where she told us some great idea’s about making Asker better with things that we could have such as;
climbing wall (klatrevegg),sledding hill (akebakke),cycle roads (sykkelvei), Arcade(spille hall), Cafeteria with free wifi(kafeteria med gratis wi-fi) and probably more.

Miss Karoline and two of the representatives went to the meeting and shared these ideas with the people there and the students from other schools in Asker. Hopefully we will know what they discussed in the meeting next friday.

And right before we wrapped it up we got to know that the student council will soon have an assembly based on what we talk about in the meetings and whether we have decided to do something good for the school. We will start on the presentation next friday till then have a nice week.

06th January 2017
Today’s topic:
-Money for school supplies
-Advice box

Finally back from the christmas holidays and straight to our first student council meeting in 2017 I hope you had a wonderful break.

Today’s topic was mostly about how to get money for school supplies and we had some wonderful ideas shared in the meeting such as; having a talent show were the tickets to see the show costs 20kr and with that money we can buy new school supplies or spend it on the decoration for the disco parties we have every year.

We also talked about the advice box (a box where you can write any question anonymously and we can try to answer them)
Many ideas were shared on how the system for the advice box can work such as; making a diary on the blog where you can send questions anonymously and we can try to answer it or you write a question/issue and put it in the advice box and then we can answer it on the blog ( so every week we choose a topic and you can write question for it and we can choose question of the week.

-We might need 2 boxes for different things
agreed on this decision)

And right before we ended with the meeting we just talked about how we can set a schedule for the music system on break times.

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope you all have had a great Christmas holiday and first week of school.
We have just had our meeting on Friday the 6th
Here's a update on what we will be working the next 2-3 months:

  • We have 5 more t-shirts to sell before we'll be ordering new ones. This time, we will be selling them to the younger years.
  • Making some changes to the advice box 
  • Starting up the music playing every week again with a new system ( two representatives will be in charge )

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